Why Everyone is Talking About Eventmie Pro?
Posted On   February 05, 2022

Why Everyone is Talking About Eventmie Pro?

Eventmie Pro is a powerful multi-organization event management software that helps in growing your online event business successfully.

The internet has become one of the primary outlets for event ticket purchases in recent years. And this has helped in increasing the sheer volume of online ticket sales-purchase immensely during the pandemic. People want to enjoy the event, not the queue. Especially during this time when people want to avoid unnecessary in-person contact, being able to get tickets online can make a big difference to the success of an event. And Eventmie Pro addresses exactly that by democratizing online ticket selling for all. Let’s discuss how:

Seamless Events and Sales

The first benefit of Eventmie Pro is that it helps you have a truly seamless event management and ticket sales process. We so often get so tripped up with various activities during event planning that it can be truly difficult to focus on each activity equally. Eventmie Pro is a fully self-hosted platform, easy to install and use, and helps you get fully seamless event management. Just sit back and relax with it!

This tool is for those who plan exciting events and want to ease the ticket buying process. Eventmie Pro allows you to create your own event platform on your domain, sell tickets, and provide all information in one place. Eventmie Pro has tons of automation options to take away the stress from planning.

Seamless Events and Sales

It is a scalable platform that you can adjust to fit the scale and scope of the event that you are hosting. With its customizable addons, different aspects of your event are fully covered. There are lots of production-ready options so that you can get your site set up, your ticketing set up, and you can move forward to selling tickets. This online event ticketing system has lots of fantastic options if you need to get your site up and start selling tickets quickly.

Feature Comparison of Eventmie Pro and Competitors

Eventmie Pro is a powerful platform that offers you all the benefits and extra features that you need to make your event sell faster.

  • The platform is multi-regional, multi-lingual and offers a range of options to find out what is going to work for your event and ticketing needs.
  • This modern platform has built-in features to sell event tickets online easier than ever before.
  • The Laravel package offers you the ability to plug this tool into an existing website easily.
  • It adjusts according to your time zone, languages, and more. Thus it can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Eventmie Pro makes hosting a fully virtual event possible. You can set up events over Google
  • Meet or other meeting platforms and sell access tickets to those events.
  • It has an Integrated QR Code Scanner to simplify the payments process. Other popular tools charge extra costs for this feature.


Qr Code Scanner


  • You can also use it to list events for multiple vendors and organizers.
  • You can host more than one event on the platform, more than one vendor, and so much more.
  • There are tools like ticket scanners, promotion tools, and more to lend a great event without a hitch.
  • There are all types of payment methods integrated to make the checkout process easy.


With so many different online ticketing platforms out in the market, Eventmie pro has a lot of actionable insights to make your future events a sure success. What sets it apart from other platforms is that it makes the process easier for you at a fraction of the cost of similar featured popular tools. Invest in Eventmie Pro right now only at $69.