Refund Policy

These are the only terms and conditions that decide if you're eligible for a refund against the products or services purchased from Classiebit's website. (


Words of appreciation

We highly appreciate that you spend your valuable on our website, showed your belief in our products and made a purchase. Thank you so much for that. We'll always be there for you at every step you need support. But, regarding this strict refund policy, we're bound by the rules of our organization & code of conduct. We work very hard to deliver such great products that can put an impact on someone's business and life.

As we deliver the full source-code after purchase, there's no means (in the digital world), that you can fully vanish/return the source-code (no offense). We hope you can understand and support our refund policy.


Return and Refund Policy 

Within 24 hours after purchasing, you can inspect your purchase, and determine if it was made by mistake or, it does not include what has mentioned on the product landing page and documentation.

Prior to making a purchase, you must check out the-

  1. Product landing page -<product-name>
  2. Product documentation - <product-name>
  3. Product live preview - <product-name>

You'll always get what we've mentioned on all of the above pages. So make sure you check the whole product against your requirements and make a purchase.


Refund request eligibility criteria-

  1. If you made a wrong purchase, e.g, you wanted to purchase product A but you accidentally purchased product B, then you can request for product swap, in which, we'll exchange the product you wanted to purchase. 
  2. If you made a wrong purchase, make sure you don't download the product from the download page. If in case you made a wrong purchase and you downloaded the product, then, it won't come in the wrong purchase. 
  3. If after purchasing, downloading & installing the product on your system. You get to know that, any feature is missing that's mentioned on the product pages and preview website. You can request for refund.
  4. The source-code you get after purchase is exactly the same as you see on the product preview/demo website.
  5. You can request for a refund, only if the purchase is made from our website -


To request a refund, simply email on [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24-48 business hours. And we'll process the refund only in case, the request meets the Refund request eligibility criteria.