Premium Support

Here at Classiebit, we endeavor to create exceptional & magnificent products. Our Support System follows the same faith. We believe that a product can't be great if it does not comes with great support and customization services. Hence, along with high-quality products, we provide great support & customization services.

Premium Support Include:

When you purchase a premium product from us, it comes with premium support for a period of months depending upon the type of license you've purchased. And the premium support includes-

  1. Helping you use the features within our product.
  2. Bug fixes – if you discovered a bug in your downloaded product we will fix it.
  3. Functionalities that do not work as mentioned in the docs & demo — we will fix them ASAP and release a new update or patch with bug fixes.
  4. Free installation only if you've purchased the license that includes free installation.


Premium Support DO NOT Include:

  1. Support for third party plugins compatibility – if you've made some customization at your own, installed any external package/plugin and there's something wrong with that. This will not be covered in the premium support. But we can provide you support for the same at extra customization cost.
  2. Customizing the product according to your requirements, e.g changing theme colors, adding any extra feature, etc, will cost extra. For Custom development needs, please submit a request from our custom development page - Classiebit - Custom Development
  3. Fix hosting, server environment, or any other server related issues. If you want us to fix your server or your website is getting any bug related to the server, then it would cost you extra to fix it.
  4. Support using screen sharing applications. If you want us to install the product on your server (that includes free installation), you'll need to provide your CPANEL/server credentials via email [email protected] We won't be able to do the free installation using screen sharing.
  5. Installation support on your local system using screen sharing. We do not install the product on your local system. For that, we've created installation videos, and, you can make use of them.
  6. Bug resolution in case any issues arise from your changes to the product outside the functionalities provided by us. We won't be responsible for the bugs arises due to the customization work done by you or your developer. If you want us to fix in that case, it would cost extra.
  7. Free installation that comes with a Non-Developer license does not include installation on multiple domains or sub-domains. Only a one-time installation service is free with a Non-Developer license. If you want us to install it on any other sub-domain, staging or production domain or any kind of setup that requires multiple installations from scratch will cost extra for each installation.
  8. Free installation is not included when you buy a product from Developer License terms will be covered in the license purchased from


Free Updates & What Does It Mean:

  1. You get free product updates for an unlimited period of time. Whenever we release a new product update, we notify you via email & website. You can download it anytime and upgrade your application by yourself. We provide upgrade guides.
  2. But, if you want us to upgrade the product on your website, then it will cost an extra $100 USD.
  3. If you've made some customization yourself, and you've made any changes in the original code of the product, then the upgrade cost won't be, what it's mentioned above. In that case, the upgrade service cost will depend upon the type of customization you've made.


There are no restrictions, like, we don't do this or that. The things that are out of the scope of the FREE support or service. We've mentioned all of them in our complete Terms & Conditions guide. And any type of support you need that DO NOT come in FREE TERMS, will cost you extra. And regarding our terms and code of conduct, we'll always be brutally honest with you.