About Classiebit

Classie refers to our ability to deliver stylish excellence with class, while Bit is a common term in computer fundamentals.

The Classiebit logo symbolizes kindness and a classic touch of quality. With a combination of green, which represents user-friendliness, and black, which illustrates high-end security, our products tend to be used with a smile.

Our mission is to create exceptional products inspired by some of the most popular technologies and frameworks on the internet. With superior user interfaces and state-of-the-art security, Classiebit redefines the meaning of reliability by transforming complex and unattractive web solutions into flawless works of art.

Our Story

Founded in 2017, we first began selling website scripts on marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, and due to an initial great response, we haven’t looked back since.

Today on 18th Sep-2019, after 2 full years of hard work and dedication, Classiebit features a wide selection of upgraded products using the latest web technologies and frameworks available. With products currently more reliable and secure than ever before, you can count on us to help meet your long-term goals.

A word from the founder

When it comes to owning an online business, data privacy is an increasingly major concern across the globe. We promise to create website products while prioritizing your security and safeguarding confidential data at all times. While we provide dependable and easy-to-use products, you can focus your time and energy on company growth and maximizing profit.

Our upcoming products speak to our mission:

Are you Event Planner or Organization? Check out - Eventmie

Launch dedicated multi-vendor Event selling website. Sell Event tickets & keep 100% profit. Create self-hosted Events selling SaaS platform.

Are you Corporate or Entrepreneur or a Socialist ? Check out - Anofie

Learn what your community people are afraid to tell with anonymous honest feedback. Give employees a voice & boost company morale.

Are you a Website Owner or Laravel Fan? Check out - AddChat Laravel

Install professional Live Chat + Customer Support widget to Laravel website. Stop paying monthly fees for Chat Widgets.

Are you a Website Owner or Codeigniter Fan? Check out - AddChat CodeIgniter

Install professional Live Chat + Customer Support widget to Codeigniter website. Stop paying monthly fees for Chat Widgets.

Premium Support

We provide a support ticketing system for premium products and community support for our open-source products.

Online Docs

All free & premium products include detailed documentation that anyone can understand.

Classiebit Academy

In addition to documentation, we also provide video tutorials that explain how to use our products properly.

Customization Support

Customization support is available for each premium product, while bug resolution support is available for all products.