QR Code Ticket Scanner for Event Ticketing | Eventmie Pro
Posted On   October 19, 2022

QR Code Ticket Scanner for Event Ticketing | Eventmie Pro

Eventmie Pro comes with an integrated QR Code ticket scanner to make event ticketing safe, simple, and easy for both attendees and event organizers.

Integrated QR Code Ticket Scanner

Today ticket payment processing can be simplified to such an extent that you would just have to scan code with a mobile camera to make the payment.

Simple scan and pay! QR codes, also known as Quick Response Codes, are used to scan tickets to make event ticketing safe, simple, and easy for both attendees and event organizers.

Over the years, technology has made everything significantly easier, especially how we make and take payments. For an event manager, payment processing and payment collection is perhaps the most critical step of whole event management. After all, the event's success boils down to the revenue and profits. This is where QR Code is a true game-changer in the event market. Making the process of collecting and managing revenue streamlined.

If you are looking for a seamless method to request payment from your attendees, then Eventmie Pro's Integrated QR code Scanner is perhaps the most efficient way to do it. You can optimize your tickets with QR codes quite easily.

Integrated QR Code Scanner

Integrated QR Codes scanner helps your attendees to speed up the check-in process. So now you can sell tickets and check-in tuckets from the same platform, Eventmie Pro. That's not all! Eventmie Pro can also integrate your social media handles which allow you to share event details publicly with event participants. You can blend the QR code with your promotional and marketing campaigns for easy access to the payment gateway. Every QR Code has a unique Ticket ID and an Order number, which belongs to a single customer's ticket. The ticket can also be instantly downloaded in PDF format. The good thing is that it is compatible with all the devices. 

Additionally, you can provide your audience with easy access to offer their valuable feedback and rate the success of your events.


How does it work?

The scanning and the Check-in process is very smooth. Users just have to scan the code and check-in. Eventmie Pro allows the admin and the organizer to have in-depth insights on every action performed by the attendees. You would have every little detail with the help of Eventmie Pro. The Ticket PDF design and Ticket scanner performance are unparalleled. We constantly improve the speed and performance of the software for a seamless experience. The ticket scanner requires HTTPS (SSL Certificate) enabled website, camera/web camera on the device, and browser permission to allow the camera to work blazing fast. It works brilliantly with all the operating systems such as IOS, Android, and also on desktops.