How does Eventmie Pro make payment methods easy for everyone?
Posted On   October 11, 2021

How does Eventmie Pro make payment methods easy for everyone?

Eventmie Pro is a secure, scalable & customizable, ticketing platform that makes the payment process easier and commission-free when you sell tickets online.

There was no better time to leverage technology for event business than this. As a business owner, you should not lag behind in this fast-changing event industry. This is the right time to embrace technology and capitalize on its multiple benefits as event-goers are opting for it wholeheartedly. You can choose an online event software, Eventmie Pro, for ticket selling and even booking. Eventmie Pro takes care of everything for you. It considerably eases the payment processing when you sell tickets online.

What is Eventmie Pro

What is Eventmie Pro?

Eventmine Pro is one of the most efficient event planning, management, and ticket selling software in the market right now. It seamlessly streamlines the whole event planning process, so you don't have to worry about any aspect of your event personally. Right from event planning to payment collection, the software manages it for you. Eventmie Pro is also secure, scalable, customizable, and production-ready software. You just have to install it as a new website or integrate it into an existing website, and bingo!

You can immediately start selling your events with ZERO commission & 100% profit. Eventmie Pro makes the payment process easier and commission-free. Your attendees can make the payment in real-time without having to go through multiple payment links. You can simply integrate the QR code and start collecting payments instantly, directly.

That's not all! It lets you take control of your event management and analyze every single step of the process. You, as an admin, get all the notifications on payment success and failure. It presents all the data and actionable insights to help you manage your future events efficiently.

Eventmie Pro is a Laravel based Online Event Ticketing System for all sorts of virtual events and live event ticketing. You can accept all payment modes, which is one of the important highlights of the software. All the payment methods are integrated into one, so there is no hassle in processing the payment. All participants and attendees want - a hassle-free payment experience, above all.

Booking Cancellation

You only have to Pay Once for the software and can Use it Forever. There are absolutely No Hidden charges or conditions.

With Eventmie Pro, Customers, Organizers & Admin can even manage cancellations pretty easily. Users can request for booking cancellation, and then the organizer or admin can proceed further with the cancellation request. Organizers can decide whether to provide a refund to the customers and after that, they can update the cancellation status so that the customer can track the cancellation status from the admin panel itself.

Eventmie Pro Version comes with a Commercial license. So you don't have to worry about anything. From promoting your event online to selling tickets to managing registrations and exit of the event, it takes care of everything.

Pros for Using Eventmie Pro

The Pro version offers you a whole host of useful and business-growing features like event guestlist, clone events, MailChimp Integration, QR Code Ticket Scanner, Video Conferencing support, and much more. And we provide full customization services and support for Eventmie Pro. Customization services include modification of existing features, the addition of new advanced custom addons features, or any other custom project development from scratch. You only have to pay for the specific add-on you want.

You can also invite other event organizers to sell events on your website and then charge a commission from them.