Things to Look for in a Reliable Online Ticketing Software
Posted On   February 08, 2023

Things to Look for in a Reliable Online Ticketing Software

You can automate and improve ticket sales with a reliable ticket booking software. What are the features of a reliable online ticketing software.

For event planners automating as many things as possible is a lifesaver. It frees up their time and resources for more pressing issues. One of these automatable tasks is ticket sales. If you are in the event business, you’ll want a seemingly intuitive event ticketing software to make customers' ticket buying and hosts' event listing process a seamless experience. But what should you be looking for when considering which event ticketing software to use?

We’ve compiled some of the most crucial aspects of ticketing software to help you make a more informed decision.

Things to Look in an Online Ticket Selling Software:

Features of a reliable online ticket selling software


Whatever the budget, always look for the most cost-effective solution. Eventmie Pro is one such tool; it provides everything you need in ticketing software at a fraction of the price. Some ticketing software can cost as high as $3000, while the Eventmie Pro, priced below $1000, is just as capable as any competing software on the market.

Another crucial part of the cost is how it fits into your payment schedule. Whether you want to pay monthly, annually, or just a one-time fee, make sure that the pricing makes sense for the event you are planning.

Customer Support

A software application can be very tricky sometimes. So you’ll want software with a stellar customer support system should any problems arise. This is especially important if you are expecting to deal with a high volume of customers.

You’ll want software issues to be solved promptly so as not to turn customers away from your event. Try navigating through the customer support process of the ticketing software before purchasing. 

User Experience

The interface that customers are directly interacting with can influence their purchasing decision. An intuitively designed software can improve sales just as much as a poorly designed one can hurt them.

Prior to choosing any software, find out what the ticket purchasing process looks like for a customer. If you find it enjoyable, your customers will likely feel the same way. Note how fast the process takes and how many pages it takes to get from landing to a completed purchase. Speed is one of the deciding factors when it comes to online sales.

Features for Hosts

In addition to being helpful for customers, the software should be helpful to the event hosts. Features understanding demographics of ticket sales, the ability to promote, and a sturdy security system are crucial for the event hosts. Event hosts may be looking for similar features.

Figure out what needs to be fulfilled for the specific event. Do you need to connect to multiple different payment platforms? Would you like to automate emails to be sent to customers? It’s likely that your ticketing software can do a lot of the work for you.


The ability to personalize can be helpful for audience engagement, brand recognition, and promotion.

It's a much sought-after feature in any ticketing software.

While some ticketing software options have a generic landing and purchase page, you need one that will allow you to completely personalize the experience by including your logo, website URL, and anything else that reflects your event’s personality.

Classiebit's Eventmie Pro allows you to customize your profile page and event tags. It also allows email personalization to ensure your email campaign aligns with your branding.

If you’re looking for the best event ticketing software that possesses all of these traits and more, check out Eventmie Pro Fully Loaded.

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