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Eventmie Lite

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Everything You Need

Streamline the event planning process through automation. Eventmie is secure, scalable, production ready & has got everything you need.

Laravel Package

Eventmie is a Laravel Package. Hence, you can create a brand new website or install it onto an existing Laravel website at your desired URL prefix.

Global Usability

Multi-regional, timezones, languages including RTL support. Set default regional settings and use Eventmie anywhere in the world.

Extra Responsive & Friendly UI

Fully responsive design, optimized for a mobile-first experience, including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop & large desktops

Host a Free Event Platform

With Eventmie Lite, you can host free events for free for a lifetime.

Host a Free Event Platform

Setup. Publish. Promote.

Want a dedicated website for your events? Eventmie is a one stop solution to publish, promote, and make your event a success.

Setup. Publish. Promote.

Trouble-Free Checkout Process

Sell out an event with our seamless booking process that increases conversions and maximizes customer retention.

Trouble-Free Checkout Process

You’re in Control

Adjust settings like default timezone, language, and so much more from the convenience of your admin panel.

You’re in Control

Laravel Voyager Admin Panel

We've integrated Laravel Voyager package into Eventmie package in a way that you can still upgrade Voyager with new upcoming versions.

Laravel Voyager Admin Panel

Install via Composer

Install Eventmie in a matter of minutes with no experience required. Simply install it like a Laravel Package.

Install via Composer

About Developer,
Non-Developer &
Enterprise License

The codebase is exactly the same in all the below licenses, the only difference in Developer & Non-Developer is:

  • with Developer license, you install it yourself on your web-hosting by following the installation guide.
  • with Non-Developer & Enterprise license, we provide you installation support, in which, we install it on your shared web-hosting.

Another difference with Developer, Non-Developer & Enterprise license is:

  • with the Developer & Non-Developer license, you can only use it on a single domain, and you have to purchase multiple licenses to use it on multiple domains.
  • with Enterprise license, you can install & use it on unlimited domains by using a master license key that you receive with Enterprise license.

Mostly the Developers & Businesses purchase the Enterprise license, and then they make some customizations in the code and deliver to their multiple clients as white-labeled software.

Looking for more features?

Checkout the New Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded power packed with loads of advanced features such as-

Reserved Seating System

Add any kind of seating arrangement e.g Stadiums, Townhalls, Cinema, Restaurants, Lounges, etc.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Direct Payment For Split payment option. Organizer receives their event earning and admin receives their commission directly into their bank accounts.

Payment Gateways

Stripe 3D Checkout, Authorize.net, and BitPay Payment gateway to accept Cryptocurrencies.

Twilio SMS

Send booking notifications via SMS to attendees.

Embed YouTube & Vimeo player

Add Youtube & Vimeo Public/Private video URL to let attendees attend virtual events or watch pre-loaded event videos directly from within the website.

Clone Event

Duplicate existing events to speed up creating a new event, rather than creating them from scratch.

MailChimp Integration

Subscribe event attendees directly to MailChimp account with event tag, so that you can manage to send email to event attendees event-wise.

Booking emails with attached ticket PDF & Invoice

Send booking emails to attendees with Ticket PDF and Ticket Invoice attached.

Guest Checkout

Auto-login and checkout for unregistered users.

Google Search Places Autocomplete

To search and auto-fill Google Map location for Event venues.

Google Search MapDirection

To show the user directions to the Event venue from their current location.

Event Specific Commission

Set different Admin Commission for each event separately.

Discount PromoCodes

Create a Discount promo code that customers can apply to tickets while checkout.

Event-specific Currency

Set different currency for each event to add multiple currency events.

Event Short URL

Shorten Event URLs to promote them easily.

Private Password Protected Event

Create private events with or without passwords to invite specific people with a unique link and password.

Organizer profile page

To show a public Organizer profile page with all the Organizer's active events listing.

Advanced Booking Filters

To filter bookings with more options.

POS, Manager, Scanner

Create separate user groups with limited access like a sub-organizer who can manage things like bookings, check-in, selling on behalf of Organizer. POS can sell tickets on Event entrance, Scanner can scan tickets and Manager can manage everything on behalf of Organizer.

Attendee Custom Fields

To add partner Attendee details like attendee name, email & phone.

Create Attendee while Checkout

Option for Admin & Organizer to create a new Attendee directly from Checkout popup instead of Registering them first.

Force sold out for the Event and Ticket

See event or tickets as sold-out in just one click.

On Sale Timer on all Tickets

Put tickets on sale with discounted prices and a sale timer.

Event GuestList

Organizers can create separate Guestlists for every event to export their emails CSV and send them Bulk emails about Event promotions or any other updates.

Complimentary Bookings

Admin and Organizer can create bulk/complementary bookings of any events that can be excluded from the normal bookings finances. Bulk booking is something that's not part of Admin commission calculation and organizer earning payouts, these are kinds of free bookings that are sold outside of the website.

Fundraiser Event

Make fundraiser events by creating free donation tickets to accept any custom amount of donation. The attendee can pay for a ticket price as much as they want to donate.

Tickets Invoice

Send ticket invoices along with booking emails.

Event Ratings & Reviews

Let attendees add ratings and reviews to the event, that can be reviewed and approved by the Event organizer before publishing.

Upgrade from Eventmie Pro to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded

Easy upgrade process with step-by-step documentation and premium upgrade service available in case if you don't wanna deal with technicalities. Our support team can do that in minutes.

Clean & Clear Online docs

Read the online docs from start to end without skipping anything and you'll become a master in it in an hour or less.

Install via Composer

Install Eventmie Pro Fullyloaded in a matter of minutes with no experience required.

Or Install via Web-installer

For non-developers. Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded comes with a web-installer which makes the installation process fully automated.

Free Upgrade Service For Limited Time

Free Simple & Advanced Upgrade service for existing Eventmie Pro customers, we'll upgrade your existing Eventmie Pro website to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded. You just need to purchase Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded Developer License and send us an email to avail offer.

Need Other Payment Options to Purchase?

If you're unable to pay with above payment option then email us on [email protected] and we'll provide you other payment options.

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