7 Tips to Consider When Buying an Event Planning Web Solution
Posted On   December 27, 2022

7 Tips to Consider When Buying an Event Planning Web Solution

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to planning successful events? Are you tired and confused using excel sheets for your business?

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to planning successful events? Are you tired and confused using excel sheets for your business?

It is not always easy to envision and plan an event because of so many moving parts, we know.

“A successful event is like a classical music concert.”

You need to get everything right, also a single note can make a difference between a standing ovation or booeing!!!

So what should you consider when planning your own event? Well, we got our best tips for you.

1. Do you have any support in emergencies?

Imagine: The evening before your big event and you face a technical issue. Who do you reach out to? Are you sure they can resolve your issue before your event?

What happens if they don’t?

Software, like life, can crash sometimes, it is recommended you have the required support you need and deserve so that such issues are well managed.

2. Centralization

One of the biggest challenges we come across for amateur event planners is that they silo their different functions in separate applications.

For example, Organizers use different software for the registration of the participants, administration, scheduling, mass mailing, ticket creation, booking and marketing.

Besides, many organizers are still using PayPal, Venmo etc. manually for commissions.

This is not at all smart, why? Whether authors, participants, reviewers, in the end your work always revolves around the same people - because most authors and reviewers are also participants of the conference at the same time. If you use 4 different event planning and management software with different focuses, you may have to change the same personal data 4 times.

In addition, you can only answer questions such as "Which speakers who were accepted during the review have not yet paid?" with a great deal of effort if the required data is stored in different software.

With EventMie Pro Fully Loaded, you can simply manage it on a single application across all your events, using just your phone. Easy right?

3. Can your software take custom requirements ?

Do you have complex cancellation conditions, complicated booking conditions or just want to customize your software according to your business?

Look for a solution that is highly customizable with a robust backend. Event Mie Pro Fully Loaded is built with Laravel and love and our expert team can customize the existing script exactly as per your vision.

4. Team Experience

Thoroughly research potential event management software vendors, specifically trying to answer the following questions:

  • What experience has the provider already gained with similar events?
  • How does he respond to your wishes and requirements?
  • Does the provider seem reputable and reliable?

5. Is it a SaaS product like Eventbrite? Or do you own the license?

“You should own what you’re paying for”

Often, without much research, clients would create their events using popular SaaS platforms like Eventbrite.

Nothing wrong with that but these kinds of software often saves data from your event without you having direct and complete access to the entire database.

Other providers of event management software issue their own invoices to their participants and transfer the amounts received to you after deduction of commissions. Again, your organization's internal policies may not allow this.

About the license, you can literally create n number of events with n number of participants using Event Mie Pro Fully loaded with a one-time fee. This would save you thousands of dollars in recurring fees.

6. How easy it is to integrate with third-party applications?

Only a few event management software offer the possibility of making individual further developments or connecting external applications. If you would like to connect existing in-house address management systems, you should pay attention to existing interfaces and the expandability of the event management software you’re purchasing.

7. Do you manage a single conference, a series of conferences, or many different conferences?

Most event management software on the market charges usage-based fees, such as per person, per event, or based on duration.

If you run multiple events for which you want to use event planning and management software, you should look out for systems that offer licenses for purchase. Then you pay a one-off license fee and you can use the event management software for as many events as you like!


It is imperative that you choose an Event planning and management software that suits your business needs, also it is important that you have the data centralized for future analytics.

With probably thousands of Event planners and online gurus out there, it would be easy to get lost in the crowd but we stand out, and we have been awarded as the “Best App developers by App Sumo”

Event Mie Pro Fully Loaded is by far one of the most practical planners for your Event Management business. To know more, send an email to sales@classiebit.com

Take Care,

Team Classiebit