This 49$ Tool Can Take Care of Your Event Business
Posted On   July 11, 2021

This 49$ Tool Can Take Care of Your Event Business

Make every event successful. Most featured-packed online event planning, management and ticket selling tool is now available at only $49. Pay once, use forever!

You may think selling tickets is the most stressful part of the event business, but it's actually the planning part of events that are the most difficult. Having the right resources makes the path to a successful event easy. And what if you can get the best event planning and event ticketing resource of 2020 at 49$.

Eventmie Pro, one of the most feature-packed online event ticketing and planning platform is now available at an 80% discount with lifetime support.


What is this $49 Event Management Tool: Eventmie Pro?

Ticketing for events is one of the most difficult parts to deal with, and finding a feasible solution for it can make a big difference. Eventmie-Pro helps you exactly in that. It's a supercheap solution, now at 80% off, to manage ticket sales and distribution and make the process of ticketing simpler and faster. This Laravel based ticket managing program allows you to manage events by yourself and make sure everything is well organized. Whatever type of event you throw at it, it can manage, that too with flying colours.

Only at $49 it can help you offer tickets, take money for tickets, and then get those tickets to the purchaser making the process of ticketing more streamlined. It also has a tracking feature to track information of the whole ticket sales process which helps you in making smarter strategies for future events.


Opening Doors For Event Businesses Across Globe!

Eventmie-Pro is also a fantastic tool for small and medium-size event businesses. From making a website from scratch to integrating it with your current site, it is easy as pie. You can easily customize your website, create widgets, and add more functionalities to make your site truly event friendly. With Eventmie-Pro, you can take charge of your event's management and add to the overall success and smoothness of your ticket sales.


Providing Support When You Need It Most!

Eventmie-Pro helps you to make the most of your events by offering you all the support you need for your event business, sometimes even by going out of the way. Event business, like show business, must go on, and thus it is always best to have support to help you work through issues. Eventmie Pro offers a 24-48 hour return on problems so that you can keep your events on their schedule no matter what.

Eventmie Pro comes with bundles of features. Be it setting up ticketing, managing your event, setting up your website, or any other functionality that you can ask from an event ticketing and planning tool, Eventmie-Pro has it. The Eventmie team also works closely with you to help you get successful events without having to worry much about the ticketing and planning part of it.


Features of Eventmie Pro
Features of Eventmie Pro


Some Notable Features of Eventmie Pro:



Eventmie-Pro provides a completely secure environment for both event organizers and event attendees. From user data to payments, everything is secured and complies with the latest web security standards.


Multi-Language support

Eventmie supports multiple languages, including RTL. You can easily add/remove languages to make event details easily understandable for attendees.


Integration with Video Conferencing Tools

You can also use video conferencing to help get in touch with other members of your event to make the most of your time and truly get your event off to a great start.


Laravel Based

Eventmie Pro is a Laravel package, which makes it's easily customizable and easily upgradable to future versions of Eventmie Pro. You can also install Eventmie Pro on an Existing or Fresh Laravel application.


Regular Updates

Eventmie team is always on the clock for adding new features and optimizing the platform. Upgrade to the newer version workout worrying about existing user data.


Export Attendees Data

Export events attendees data with Checked-in, Cancellations, Booking status, etc columns in the CSV file.


Separate Organizers and Admin Panel

Organizers can manage their own separate events from the front end, and Admins can access all organizers' events from the Admin Panel.


Smart Cancellation & Refund

Admin or Organizer can easily decide to provide a refund to the customers and update the cancellation status so that the customer can also track their cancellation status.


Launch a dedicated Event booking platform on your domain with Eventmie Pro. Streamline the event planning, management, and ticketing process through automation. Or you can also invite other event organizers to sell events from your website and charge a commission from them. It's like, running your own Eventbrite like a venture with Eventmie Pro.


Eventmie Pro Christmas & New Year Sale - Lowest Price Ever
Eventmie Pro Christmas & New Year Sale - Lowest Price Ever


Get Eventmie Pro at a limited time 80% off discount, lowest ever $49!

Sell your events in your way. ZERO commission & 100% PROFIT.