Proven Tactics to Sell More Event Tickets and Avoid Slow Sales
Posted On   December 23, 2021

Proven Tactics to Sell More Event Tickets and Avoid Slow Sales

Slow ticket sales are a concern for any business out there. To avoid slow ticket sales, here's a list of proven tips that will help to sell more event tickets.

With events opening again and people venturing out to attend concerts and events, people have started looking for comfortable ticket booking options. Online ticket booking is no doubt the most comfortable way to get event tickets for any demographic. But now that everyone is selling tickets online, how will you sell more tickets than competitors and not lose customers? Here are a few proven tactics to sell more event tickets & avoid slow sales.

Determine the Best time to Sell Tickets

The first thing to keep in mind with online ticket sales is to figure out the best time to sell them. You can sell tickets early and offer early-bird discounts, you can sell tickets during other events at discounted prices, and you can sell tickets at the last minute when people that have missed out are still interested in attending.

People need time to make plans and manage leaves before going to any concert or an event. Selling tickets far enough in advance so that people can get them and then make arrangements is very helpful. You can also offer tickets on the day of the event for less as well to keep interest drummed up.

Timing has a huge impact on ticket buyers. Around the holidays, tax time, or times of the year when people have money to spend and are not saving are all great times. You should provide customers with plenty of time to buy, time to make arrangements but still close enough to the event that they will not lose interest. Creating anticipation for the event can keep people interested, but making an event too far in the future can also give people time to lose interest and change their minds.

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How to Increase Ticket Sales?

How to Increase Ticket Sales?

The best way to increase ticket sales is to create a demand. If you put out thousands of tickets, the demand will decrease, and you will not sell in high numbers. It is always best to figure out how many people are interested in the event and then sell tickets accordingly. Having too many tickets is going to create a surplus and make it seem like the event is not special, which can lead to lower ticket sales.

Here’s how you can boost your event ticket sales:-

  1. Set a realistic price for your event tickets
  2. You can also offer discounts for multiple tickets or discounts if you buy early for using a certain payment method, and so on.
  3. Making sure you create an incentive to purchase can make a big difference in how many people purchase tickets.
  4. One of the best ways to get more customers is to leverage your existing ones.
  5. You can offer several different payment methods, different types of tickets, and different benefits to help your customers find the tickets that they want.
  6. Make the purchase process as easy as possible for your customers.

Take the time to monitor trends, how you sold tickets in the past, and then decide on the models that will work best to sell the most tickets. Online ticket selling is always the best option for both organizers and attendees.

Potential Reasons for Slow Ticket Sales

There are plenty of reasons that your ticket sales might be lagging. The first is that you may have offered tickets in too high numbers. People like to feel like they are part of something special, and if you have too many tickets available and they are easy to get, it may discourage people from buying as they feel that they have plenty of time to purchase.

Another issue may be limited payment methods. People should also have different ways to get the tickets that they want. People are creatures of habit, and they prefer to do things that are not overly complicated. With more and more people using their smartphones and their tablets to book tickets, it is helpful to offer online purchase methods and simplify the booking process. Making it easy for your customers to purchase is going to help improve sales.

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