How No-code Script is Re-shaping the Event Management Business
Posted On   November 23, 2022

How No-code Script is Re-shaping the Event Management Business

Do you want to know how a no-code script can reshape your event management business? Check out this blog and learn more.

Event Management is a daunting task. Managing inventories, managing guests, invitations, tickets, seating, and multiple vendors can make anyone stressed out of their mind.

It is even evident after the COVID-19 aftermath. Every major event is going online now.

This is sad news for the baby boomers into event management but a great opportunity for new budding entrepreneurs out there.

“The power of the internet compels you to innovate” (Some random dude)

How YOU can manage your eventing business stress-free?

With the new compliance post-COVID, it is virtually impossible to keep a track of all your event aspects on Google Sheets or Excel.

There are many issues with a manual approach:

  • Your ticket sales data
  • Seat reservation data
  • Repetitive events schedules
  • Multiple speakers, organizers, and guests
  • Ticket check-in/check-out data
  • Sending invite out to your contacts over email
  • Venue differences
  • Different types of tickets (Single, On Sale, discount, charity)
  • Taxation
  • Splitting profit with your organizers etc.

Of course, you can do it all manually but is it worth it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had event planning and management software to stay on top of these?

This $499 script can make you an Event Management superhero

Event Mie Pro Fully Loaded is a fully customizable script to manage your events seamlessly. From setting up your events in a few clicks to setting up automated sales to integration with email engines for marketing, this is a pre-loaded package for all your event management needs.

What it comes with?

  • Reserved Seating system
  • Connect with Stripe, Paypal etc. for split payments
  • Integrated Twilio SMS service
  • YouTube and Vimeo embedded player
  • Automatic ticket creation with a unique QR code
  • Guest checkout

And so much more

Our team will set up the whole system for you. And guess what? It is a plug-and-play solution meaning you’ll be up and running straight away.

Increase visibility over your Sales data

Online sales allow you to bundle information - about buyers and for which events a particularly large number of tickets are sold. Linking the data directly from ticket sales with the event manager allows you to query and evaluate a wide variety of data.

This way you can already see how many visitors you expect and how busy the event is when you are planning the event.


Business dynamics have clearly changed after the pandemic. Online transactions, online booking, and online streaming are the new normal now. A new entrepreneur should consider the changes in business trends and plan their business accordingly.

For planning a FREE consultation with our team, drop an email at and we will help you with your Event Management needs.