How to create your first virtual Halloween event and make a profit
Posted On   October 21, 2022

How to create your first virtual Halloween event and make a profit

Do you want to create your first virtual Halloween event with your friends and family and sell tickets? Read this blog and learn how to do this effortlessly.

It’s that time of the year again. Candies, tricks o treats, kids running around looking all weird and smelling of makeup. Yup, Halloween is here!

And so it was last year and it shall be next year as well. But, this time, you have an opportunity to host a Halloween virtual event with your friends and family and sell tickets. Within the comfort of your house.

This is going to be fun. Please read on.


5 Steps to Sell Any Virtual Event – The 5 Is

  1. Identify the need – Start with understanding the occasion. Are you selling winter shoes in the middle of summer in Texas? Bet you can’t sell those many. But maybe a lot more if you tried in Alaska. The same goes for the internet. It is all about CONTEXT and TIMING. And Halloween is right around the corner with people eager to join virtual post-COVID-19.
  2. Identify your platform – Selling is an art. Period. It is true from selling high-end houses to a $20 event ticket. What people tend to ignore is the right platform suitable for their business and that’s why precisely 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years or less. A sad fact! But, a fact. So it’s important to really find the right platform for yourself. We are just tired of watching people waste their hard-earned money (mostly out of their own pockets) over untargeted Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn ads just because they don’t know any other options. You just wouldn’t live anywhere just because you haven’t found a perfect house yet, you keep looking.
  3. Invent your own style – Nothing can beat you at being yourself! So bring your own signature out there in the world. The market will adjust.
  4. Initiate the first sale – To build a successful event ticketing system you have to manage the following.
    • Have a website for your organizers – loaded with an automatic split commission mechanism so that you don’t hassle with the accounts. You’ll just get the balance in your bank account. Just like that. No need to set up anything, they will have their own separate logins with separate accounts and tickets. Why just stop with a single event, next month will be Christmas no?
    • A Mobile app – Of course for your CUSTOMERS! How else will they pay you? And for yourself so you can keep track of the sales.
    • A Domain Name – Yes, your own personal name over the internet. Your legacy.
    • Some Server space – For your computing needs.
    • Setting up the payment gateways – there are literally hundreds to choose from these days.
    • Decent Internet connection – Pretty obvious, that one!
  5. Iteration – Rome wasn’t built in a day. And businesses don’t either. But hey, you got to start somewhere and start small. Keep re-iterating and re-defining and we are sure you can have a successful Event management business. You could be managing hundreds of potential organizers and customers for sure. Why not you?



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Happy Halloween!