How an event management tool manages event finance better
Posted On   February 08, 2023

How an event management tool manages event finance better

An event management tools streamline finances. The event managers can keep track of expenses, commissions, and taxes along with bookings and ticket sales.

General people may say the event is successful from the number of crowd and gigs. But for event organisers, the success of an event is measured in finances. Managing finances can make or break an event business; after all, it is a business, and only profit will drive it to a successful venture.

Event organizers are always looking for a tool that can ease finance management. Tools streamline financial management so event managers can keep track of expenses, commissions and taxes along with bookings and sales.

What is an event management tool?

What is an event management tool?

Event management tools or platforms are a unique range of software products built innovatively to manage online and offline events. These software tools automate all the manual processes that take a lot of time, effort and resources. Over the last few years, event management software’s have gained massive popularity among businesses, event management firms, and agencies. Eventmie Pro is one such event management tool known for its effectiveness and affordability.

Why Eventmie Pro? How does it Help You?

Eventmie Pro is an event planning, management, and ticket selling software. You can launch a dedicated event planning platform on your existing domain or create a completely new one. In other words, it's a self-hosted multi-organizational event management system that streamlines the event planning process through automation. Eventmie Pro is secure, scalable, customizable, and production-ready. Simply install it as a new website or integrate it into an existing one and start selling your events accordingly ZERO commission & 100% PROFIT.

That's not all, you can also invite multiple event organizers to sell their events on your website, and you can charge a commission from them. If you're a single organization, just TURN OFF multi-organization mode in Eventmie Pro, and use it as a single organization event website.

We all know about the complexities involved in managing any event. You have to build a website, assign resources, allocate budget, manage cancellation & refunds and go through the whole circle to make your event a success. But thanks to Eventmie Pro, you don't have to worry about managing the finances, commission and fees.

Eventmie also presents to you all the data and actionable insights, which help you manage future events more efficiently. It is a perfect Online Event Ticketing System for all types of events and event business.

How does the admin set the Commission & Admin Taxes in Eventmie Pro to manage event finance better?

Not only does it simplify event finances, but also boosts your profits with ticket sales. It gives your complete control to manage the finances without having to depend on multiple resources.

Here is how taxes and commission work in Eventmie Pro.

Here is how taxes and commission work in Eventmie Pro.

1. Commission: It is 5%, and this 5% commission is calculated on every ticket sale. For example, if the ticket price is 100, then the Organizer will get 95 & the Admin will get 5 as commission. Commission takes out a large chunk of your profit, but with Eventmie Pro, you can enjoy maximum earnings.

2. Admin Taxes: With Eventmie Pro, the Admin can set taxes separately like Site Handling fee, etc., and the customer pays the Admin tax amount on each ticket sale. And that Admin tax amount goes directly to Admin and not being a part of commission calculation.

3. Organizer Tax: The organizer can also apply separate taxes on each of their Event tickets. And those organizer taxes will be included in the commission calculation and the organizer can track all their event earnings & pay-out status from their Dashboard. You can invite multiple event organizers to sell their events on your website and charge them a commission.

4. Direct Transfers: The admin can transfer the monthly organizer earnings amount to every organizer’s bank account. It is a quick, safe, and hassle-free process. The admin can manage and track complete financial data from the Admin Panel itself, instantly.

If you are looking for an affordable yet highly efficient Event Ticket Management Software, you can blindly trust Eventmie Pro. It is a one-stop solution to publish, promote, and make your event a massive success. Take advantage of ongoing discounts or try it today for free with a free demo option.