Eventmie Pro v1.8 free update with Venues Listing, Google places autocomplete and m

Posted On Aug 01 2022

by Classiebit for Eventmie Pro

Here's we come again with a new major Eventmie Pro v1.8 free update. 🎉
Introducing! Venues Listing feature in which, organizers can add and list their multiple venues.
Eventmie Pro v1.8 is a major release. It includes a lot of new & most requested features, improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. 
Read below to know What's new in v1.8-

New Features

1. Venues module in which Organizer can add multiple venues to be added to their events and show the Venues on the Venue Listing page. click here for more info

Venues listing


2. Progressive Web App (PWA). click here for more info

Progressive Web App


3. Google Map Autocomplete integration to search places for Venue. click here for more info

Google Map Autocomplete



  • Upgraded to Laravel 9.
  • Automated Timezone detection improvements.
  • Showing time according to the local timezone.

Bugs Resolved


  • Ticket PDF issue
  • Timezone issue
  • Expire event on End date instead of the Start date
  • Fixed Blog page issue.
  • Responsive header issue


Visit online docs to know more-
The update is now available for download for FREE at-
See How To Update to v1.8 guide-
You can download it for free and update it yourself following the update guide.