Eventmie Pro v1.6 with Dynamic Date Format, Organizer Dashboard, Custom Header & Footer Menu Builder and more

Posted On Mar 16 2021

by Classiebit for Eventmie Pro

Here's we come again with a new major Eventmie Pro v1.6 update. 🎉
Free updates are like giving something in return for so much love and support from you. And we're glad that you're using our product for your business. This gives us motivation and inspires us to work hard. ❤
Introducing! Dynamic Date Format, Organizer Dashboard, Custom Header & Footer Menu Builder and so much more... 
Eventmie Pro v1.6 is a major release. It includes a lot of new & most requested features, improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. 
Read below to know What's new in v1.6-

New Features


1. Dynamic Date & Time Format, admin can change date & time format from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Regional Tab.


Dynamic Date & Time format




2. Add Event to Google Calendar option, customers can add their booked events to Google Calendar.

Add Event to google calendar



3. Admin Panel New Event Tickets Statistics Table, admin can view overall Tickets sales stats for each event easily.

Admin Panel New Event Tickets Statistics Table



4. New Tickets filter on Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> Sales Reports and added Sales Reports data sum (Grand Totals) in the CSV file export.


New Tickets filter


Sales Reports data sum



5. New Organizer Dashboard, now Organisers can also see their Events tickets sales overview & reports easily from the new dashboard.


New Organizer Dashboard



6. Enable/Disable Manually Approve Become Organiser process, Admin can now manually approve the Organiser profile.

Manually approve organizer



7. Added settings at Admin Panel -> Settings -> Bookings tab to Enable/Disable Booking Cancellation, Ticket Download & Google Calendar options for customers.

 Enable/Disable Booking Cancellation, Ticket Download & Google Calendar


8. Add/Remove Gallery images one-by-one.

Add/Remove Gallery images



9. Added Menu Builder on Admin Panel for additional header & footer menu items on front-end with new pages and external links.

Menu Builde



10. Option to Add custom URL Buttons on the Homepage Banner and control the Order of banners.

custom URL Buttons on the Homepage Banner



11. New Event excerpt (short-info) field for better SEO and understanding about events on the Event Listing page.

New Event excerpt (short-info) field for better SEO



  1. Added Categories menu in the header.
  2. Added Event gallery images opener/slideshow on the Event page.
  3. Language selector dropdown moved to Footer to free up header space.
  4. Spam prevention on Signup & Contact up form.
  5. On the Event Setup form, show the Unsaved Changes alert only if there are any changes.
  6. On the Event Setup form, added required Tabs completion icons to know why the event is not publishing.
  7. On the Organiser's Manage Events page, added the Event Publish status column to show if the event is published or not.
  8. Signup option on Checkout popup for guests.
  9. Improved Front-end data tables mobile responsive design for all pages.
  10. Upgraded all Composer, Javascript & VueJs packages to the latest version. Update Laravel Mix to v6.0 for better front-end performance.

Bugs Resolved

  1. Show Organizer required alert on Event Setup form -> Details tab.
  2. Resolved date format issues & used one global date & time format.
  3. Don't include expired events in Explore Best Cities section.
  4. Show email verified notification.
  5. Free up tickets for other customers after booking cancellation.
  6. Hide Admin tax from Organiser Earnings page.
  7. Hide profile pic upload option except for Admin on Admin Panel.
  8. Removed colourful border from event categories images on the homepage for better color branding.
  9. Header logo resize issue on scrolling.
  10. On Event setup form -> Location tab, show Venue as required.
  11. On the Browse Events page, show only countries that have events in the Countries filter.
The update is now available for download for FREE at-
See How To Update to v1.6 guide-
You can download it for free and update it yourself following the update guide.