Eventmie-Pro helps Chris Reynolds From London in making his events more successful

Posted On Dec 10 2020

by Classiebit for Eventmie Pro

Everyone wants to bring their events online with a user-friendly online platform. A platform that makes event ticketing system fluid and is loaded with premium functions at a reasonable price.

But some popular event ticketing systems like Eventbrite may charge an extra amount for customized modifications. Here newer event ticketing platforms like Eventmiepro provides similar features at a fraction of the cost.

Owner of lybertine.com, Chris Reynolds, talks about how Eventmie-Pro helped grow his events in London, UK.

Here Chris Reynold shares his honest views about Eventmie-Pro.


Owner of lybertine.com- Chris Reynolds
Owner of lybertine.com- Chris Reynolds



Q. What challenges you were facing before using Eventmie-pro?

We struggled to find good reliable developers and our quoted cost was huge. Classiebit dramatically brought down our costs and delivered on time and surpassed my expectations.


Q. How did you come to know about the Eventmie pro?

I found the website via Google after hours of searching! I am glad I found it.


Eventmie pro best reviews
Find Eventmie Pro on Google.



Q. How did it help you?

It gave me almost the same website as Eventbrite at a fraction of the cost. They also made some modifications which made it better than Eventbrite for me.


Q. Feedback and would you recommend Eventmie-Pro and Classiebit Team for regular services and how reliable they are?

Yes, I would 100% recommend Classiebit. They genuinely care. They are ambitious and they deliver excellent work. I'm truly grateful. 😇


Eventmie Pro reviews
Eventmie Pro Reviews