Event Strategies: 5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention During Crisis
Posted On   July 11, 2021

Event Strategies: 5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention During Crisis

Organizing webinars, meetings, and other forms of virtual interaction events keep your customers engaged when physical interactions are limited during a crisis.

This pandemic has impacted businesses of all shapes and sizes. Being startups or large enterprises, everyone's expansion activities have come to a sudden halt. Amidst all of this, virtual events have become a great way to retain clients and expand. Organizing webinars and other forms of virtual interaction events keep your customers engaged when physical interactions are limited.

It saves you from losing your potential customers to your rival. However, the question pops up - how do we do that? What even strategies we need for better customer retention during the crisis? Don't worry! Today we'll share some of the proven strategies for better customer retention. Let's have a look:


5 Event Strategies for Better Customer Retention That Can Help You Save Your Business:


Take Care of Your Customers - Taking care of customers always gives you an edge over your competitors. As per a famous adage -

There are always some opportunities that lie in the middle of adversities.

Maybe your business is facing difficulties, or you may have changed the way you operate. You need to assess your workaround or alternative business processes to get going. Paying attention to the customers' needs and showing that you care for them gives you an edge.

You can shift your focus to ticket selling sites, marketing, and automation processes. There is no better way to impress your customers than to provide them with everything at their fingertips. Make interactions seamless and smooth.


Keep your Website & Social Media Accounts up to date -


Keep your Website & Social Media Accounts up to date - In this digital age, the first thing your customers will do is check your website. Make sure everything customers need is there and regularly updated. Dedicatedly cater to their queries and resolution with customer services resources. Use social media to talk to your customers and potential prospects. Social Media use has gone up drastically even more during this pandemic. Don't miss out on its benefits. You must capitalize on it to retain your existing customers as well as acquire new ones.


Revisit your communication strategy - Engage with your clients/customers regularly. Send them alerts, messages, emails, or even tag them on social media just to show that you care. But make sure you don't come out as pushy or aggressive while promoting. Revisit your marketing strategy with your team. Well, the good signs are that the global economy is now recovering and countries are coming out of lockdown restrictions. But until we reach the pre-pandemic stage, it is worth working out your communication strategy. You should focus more on online modes of communication. Organize as many web events as possible to engage to acquire new customers.


Offer your customers loyalty discounts and rewards - Reward your customers for their loyalty. Offer them discounts to reward them for being with you. This token of appreciation is a crucial juncture when everyone is going through turbulence. No matter which industry you are in, loyal customers should always be appreciated. Don't leave them susceptible. Competitors may take advantage of it and you might end up losing your existing clients. If your margins are tight even sending them a thank you message would also do. Something is better than nothing. Just show them that you genuinely care for all your customers and value the business they do with you.


Offer extra value - Re-evaluate your products and offerings. Brainstorm with your product and marketing teams to revise the pricing or offer extra value to your clients. Businesses all around are revisiting their operations expenses and renegotiating the contracts with vendors. Your customers also expect a similar response from you. Before they terminate the contract or contemplate doing business with someone else, it is best to pass on some benefits and value to retain them.


Pandemic has impacted businesses of all nature.


Pandemic has impacted businesses of all nature. Implement the strategies we have shared or maybe you can also organize virtual events to keep your customers engaged. These business strategies will come out much stronger once things normalize. For instance: if you relied heavily on events and roadshows to promote your services then you may consider investing in online software and systems to streamline your business processes. It is not a cause of concern as long as you are open to change. You just need to carefully assess the performance of all your departments and the tools you are using. All your teams must be aligned towards your long-term goals & vision.