Boost Your Event Ticket Sales With Awesome Festive Deals
Posted On   July 11, 2021

Boost Your Event Ticket Sales With Awesome Festive Deals

Give an edge to your events business. Classiebit's premium online event ticketing system Eventmie-Pro is available at an 80% off discount for a limited time.

Festivities have already begun, and so has the events and its promotions. Everyone wants to make the best use of this opportunity to boost their event ticket sales by leveraging the festive deals. If you also want to promote your event and boost ticket sales, then there is no better time than this. The sooner you start it, the better chance you have for a successful event. 

But the question arises, how? Let's uncover some of the best ways to optimize event sales and make it a smashing one.


Leverage Technology

Choose an event software for online ticket selling. Now is the best time to embrace technology and capitalize on its various benefits, as today people want to minimize physical contact and going out. Latest event softwares increase the chances of sales conversion at no extra costs. Attendees can know all event details their expectations fulfilled with these effective online tools.

Eventmie-Pro is one such event booking platform that does all of it for you. It considerably eases the process of selling online events' tickets, listing multiple events, and promoting them digitally. If you are looking for an effective tool, then this can be your solution.



Leverage Technology
Increase Ticket Reach


Attendees want a seamless experience, where they can get all information about events and book tickets easily when they want to. Right from promoting your event online to selling tickets to registration and completion of the event, it eases everything. Although it sounds a little complex, managing the process is seamless with the help of ticketing software. 

So be it ticket selling or facilitating the event, Eventmie-Pro tracks a range of aspects for you and gives your actionable insights.  



# Here are a few more features that your online ticketing system can help you to sell the event tickets online effortlessly.


Create your Event

From managing schedule and production to marketing the event to maximize online ticket sales, event organizers can have a multitude of activities to execute. Online software can help manage everything for you seamlessly. Imagine being able to control all the activities with one tool. It saves a lot of time and effort and completely changes the way you operate. 


Set Up Payment Gateway System

Managing the commercial aspect of any event is the most crucial. Event platforms ease managing budget, discounts, ticket sales, and help you manage all expenditure and revenue better. Just integrate the payment system within the online software and get ready to maximize your event sales.



What Next?



# Once you automate the online ticketing software, you have more time to focus on other activities such as:



Promote your Event via Social Media & Email Marketing

Once you create the event, you have to promote it through various marketing channels, including social media. There are inbuilt share options within the online ticketing system, which makes promotion easy. You can leverage Eventmie-Pro's smart email marketing and other marketing channels integration tools to send out customized and more personalized email invites, event reminders, and important infomercials about your upcoming events. 




Promote Event Via Social Media
Increase Ticket Reach


Leverage Social Media

We are all aware of the massive power of social media. Social media has completely transformed the way of doing business, and it holds true for your event promotions too. You can attract interested prospective attendees via an online tool that can be further shared with their network. This ensures maximum reach and higher conversion for your event attendance.

Eventmie-pro facilitates ticket sales directly via online platforms and eliminates the barriers which might impact the conversion rate.

Now you have a better idea of how effortlessly Eventmie-Pro can automate event planning, promotion, and organizing. Attendees looking for a cohesive theme while booking their tickets. Your event, whether online or offline, should look compelling enough to attract maximum audiences, and Eventmie-Pro helps you in that.

You can also boost it by adding promotional features and encourage your viewers to find all the information about the event within the same window. With our online ticketing software, you also get the analytics tool to assess the data generated to formulate more compelling strategies to boost sales of your future event too.


# 80% Discounts on Best Online Event Ticketing Platform

Classiebit's premium online event ticketing system Eventmie-Pro is now available at an 80% off festive discount price. Take advantage of upcoming festive offers and discounts to revamp your event business. 


80% of discounts are live on until November end.  The Great Festive November sale is covering global festivals like-


  • Diwali
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