1000+ Sales Celebration Eventmie Pro v1.7 free update with Booking Limit per Customer, RSVP Tickets and more

Posted On Oct 04 2021

by Classiebit for Eventmie Pro

Here's we come again with a new major Eventmie Pro v1.7 free update. 🎉
v1.7 is a special 1000+ sales celebration update for all Eventmie Pro customers. With regular updates, Eventmie Pro is getting more and more powerful and highly effective for making your online and offline events business successful.
Introducing! Booking Limit Per Customer, RSVP TicketsSkipping months from Repetitive Schedules and so much more... 
Eventmie Pro v1.7 is a major release. It includes a lot of new & most requested features, improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. 
Read below to know What's new in v1.7-

New Features

1. Booking (ticket purchase) Limit Per Customer: limit customers from purchasing a single ticket multiple times. Click here for more info.

Booking Limite per customer


2. Offline Payment Instructions: add offline payment instructions for customers. Click here for more info.

3. Skip Month From Repetitive Event Schedules: skip a month from a series of repetitive months schedules. Click here for more info

Skip Month From Repetitive Event Schedules

Skip repetitive schedule


3. R.S.V.P for Free Tickets.

4. Added Terms of Service Agreement on Checkout popup & Booking Email.

5. Added Copy Event URL button on the Event page.

6. Redirect back to the same Event page after login.





1. Added Expired Booking badge on Bookings listing page.

2. Improved Footer design.

3. Improved Event page design.

4. Improved & Updated PayPal payment gateway.

5. Laravel 8 latest version compatibility.

6. Added Order Number on Sales Reports

7. Improved Booking Updates email notifications.

8. Hide Google & Facebook login if ClientId & Secret is not added.


9. Added Spanish Language Translation.



Bug Fixes

1. Fixed Event repetitive schedules invalid time format issue.

2. Fixed Repetitive Events Date filter & searching issue.

3. Fixed Header design issue & Category dropdown overflow issue.

4. Fixed Blog meta tags issue.

5. Fixed Ticket PDF broken images issue.


6. Fixed Event Tickets Statistics table issue on Admin Panel.


The update is now available for download for FREE at-
See How To Update to v1.7 guide-
You can download it for free and update it yourself following the update guide.