Anonymous Feedback Script V2

Send and receive genuine and honest feedback about you, your skills, work, relationship or friendship from your classmates, friends, employees or from your loved ones.      
AnonymousFeedbacking is an anonymous feedback script. It's for the people who want to run their own anonymous feedback script for their commercial or educational organizations.

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This website contains the worlds most popular third party libraries that make it more powerful.

A Perfect Anonymous Feedback Website

Version 2 Now Available

AnonymousFeedbacking is a web product. It contains all the features required for sending, receiving and managing anonymous feedbacks. You can share your profile and feedback on Facebook directly from the website. It contains fully featured Admin Panel for backend support.

We've used Google Material Framework for a beautifull and user-friendly interface which also makes this product fully responsive across all mobile devices.

It's built using Codeigniter which makes it highly scalable in case of high traffic.

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Fully Responsive

AnonymousFeedbacking is a fully responsive and mobile friendly website. It's built using Google material and Bootstrap framework which gives it a feel of a mobile app.

Google & Facebook Login

You can Signup and Login on AnonymousFeedbacking using your Google and Facebook account.

Multi-Language & RTL Support

You can use it in any language you want and it also comes with RTL support for languages starts from reverse like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, etc

Multi-User & ACL Management

You can make multiple user groups and assign them permissions for different access level control for different modules using our custom ACL management system.

50+ Settings For Full Control

Manage each and every feature with about 50+ settings options.

20 Multi-Color Material Themes

You can change website color using 20 different material color schemes.

Control Anonymous Feedback

You can change anonymous people (who are not logged in) feedbacks and report inappropriate feedbacks.

Share Profile & Feedback in Multi Colors

You can share your profile and feedback on Facebook directly from website and in multiple colors.

Reply To Feedbacks

Now you can reply to the feedbacks which sent by registered users and without knowing their identity.

User Search

Search users by their names, usernames and emails.

Easy 1-Click Installation

Just copy the product's folder "anonymousfeedbacking_v2" to your server's www or htdocs folder, enter URL - http://localhost/anonymousfeedbacking_v2/install & your database info to complete setup. Then use -

Username : admin
Password : admin123

Send & Receive Feedbacks

You can send anonymous feedbacks to your friends, colleagues, etc and receive from them as well.

Report & Delete Feedbacks

If you don't like any feedback then you can delete them. And if in case of inappropriate feedback then you can report us easily.

Share Feedbacks & Profile on Facebook

You can share your feedback and your profile on Facebook in the color of the theme you are using.

Manage Profile Settings

You can manage your profile with full ease. You can change your photo, block anonymous people feedbacks, remove account and more.

Google & Facebook Login

AnonymousFeedbacking comes with manual as well as Google and Facebook login for auto registration and login.

Multi-language & RTL Support

AnonymousFeedbacking comes with multi language and RTL (right to left text) support which makes it compatible to use in any country in any language.

Beautifull Profile URL -

AnonymousFeedbacking provides you a beautiful link to your profile e.g to which you can share on Facebook.

Fully Featured Admin Panel

AnonymousFeedbacking comes with a fully featured Admin Panel in which you can manage visitors reports, reported messages, messages, settings, languages and much more.

Multi User & ACL Management

You can create and manage user groups and assign those groups proper permissions for managing the website with our custom ACL management tool.

Add Multiple Languages

You can add and manage multiple languages easily from Admin Panel.

50+ Settings Options

AnonymousFeedbacking Admin Panel comes with over 50+ settings options which give you the power to control the complete website from one page.

20 Beautiful Themes

We have integrated 20 different color Material Themes for you so that you can run your own anonymous feedback script in your favorite color.

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